The Art of Pivoting: A COVID Q&A with Sarah Kleist

We’ve all had to endure our fair share of pivoting throughout the COVID-19. Large or small, the ways in which our day-to-day has shifted is staggering. Chickadee sat down with one of the fiercest females we know, Sarah Kleist, who went from Performing Artist to a multi-hyphenate seemingly overnight. So what has she been upContinue reading “The Art of Pivoting: A COVID Q&A with Sarah Kleist”

A Creative in Quarantine: Month by Month

by Christina Colgan Six months. It’s been six long months since the city shut down and the world was put on pause. Maybe my hindsight is just 20/20 (no pun intended), but I felt like I was really on track to figuring out my career, relationships, and life in the Big Apple those first coupleContinue reading “A Creative in Quarantine: Month by Month”

Dear Sweet, Creative Chickadee,

by Frankie Ann Marcille I have spent my entire life trying to define creativity. Like so many others, I thought being creative meant just doing something in the arts. Being a dancer, singer, actor, visual art, writing. And as a women, I felt like the only way I would be successful as a creative wasContinue reading “Dear Sweet, Creative Chickadee,”

Step Ball Change and Pivot: A New Dream

by Annabelle Fox If you had told me four months ago that a pandemic would wipe out the theatre industry and I would need to reconsider my entire life’s timeline, I would have either laughed in your face or had a panic attack. Probably both. Well, here we are… But it’s not the end ofContinue reading “Step Ball Change and Pivot: A New Dream”