a letter from the editor


is a caption

i am a woman

who wears many hats

After moving to New York City in 2014 to pursue my dreams of being an actress, I inadvertently stumbled into a career as a costumer in the Broadway and Off-Broadway circuit; which allowed me to create a dual career for myself as as I continued performing, writing, and creating my own content. I slowly realized how crucial it was to release the expectation that someone out there would one day pick me out of a lineup and grant me a successful career; and to take matters into my own hands by creating that path myself. It took me a while to recognize how much potential I was wasting confining myself to the expectation of being one thing – an actress – when I can and will be so much more than that. I hope that Chickadee can be a platform for others to not only realize their full potential, but allow connection and like-minded women to inspire them as they pave paths towards success.

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